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How to Remove the Door Cards of a Mazda MX-5 to Fit Speaker Bezels In

No matter what, whenever you need to remove car doors it can always be a hassle and it's no easier when you have to fit in some new speaker bezels. This hopefully will help you find it a little easier to do the task that needs to be done in order to fit these rings in your car door.

The first thing that needs to be done to put in new bezels is to remove the three screws you will find that actually secure the door card to the door of your car. You will find the first on located under the plate that is under the door pull. This one is easiest to get to with a screwdriver under the plate if you go for it from the hinge side. Just gently pry it and then pull the screw toward you until it pops off. You'll be able to see the lugs that hold the plate in when you do this as well.

The next step you will need to do will be to remove the handle caps for the door. It is advisable that you protect the handle of the door with some electrical tape and then slide the screwdriver under the cap and by wiggling it you should be able to pop it off. Now you can remove the screw you'll find located under the cap.

Once you have done this the third screw can be seen in the cup holder. It is important that you remember what screw went where when you remove them because all three of the screws are different and they cannot be interchanged. The black screw is for the cup holder, the silver screw is for the door pull and the bronze one is for the cap of the door handle. Make sure that you also pop out the door pull at this time and protect it with a bit of tape and from the front of the car lever the housing out.

Pulling off the door card is a bit trickier because it has eight trim clips that hold it into place. You should start with the one that is on the right and then work down and around in that order. Use a bigger screwdriver and have the tip covered with some insulation tape in order to lever the panel off. This is a pretty tough job so be careful, but still you need to give it a pretty firm tug to free each clip.

Once you have all the clips removed you will see the card that is connected to the top of the door, you can pull the bottom of the card towards you a little and then you can slide it up. You are also going to need to maneuver the pull for the door through this card. So you will need to unplug the controls for the mirror, only the driver side however and then unscrew the tweeter that is on the card. Don't unplug it, just unscrew it, it's a lot easier. You are going to notice that the door card is nicely marked for drilling out all the holes you will need for the new speaker bezels.

You can start the holes by taking the tip of a sharp knife and once you have done that you can use a drill. Make sure to drill the holes with a 4 to 5mm bit to start with and then make the holes wider with a 6mm bit.

While doing this it's a good idea to do a good amount of test fitting as well as hole adjustments in order to get the bezels to sit properly into the grooves. The bezels must be sitting correctly or it's going to look awful. The bezels themselves will be secured with little grippy rings these are a little tricky to get on in the beginning but once you get them started you can then push them down by using a screwdriver or the chuck of your drill.

Probably the worst part of doing this job is the trim panel clips. The big issue here is that these clips probably have about a thousand times more affinity for the actual door than they have for the panel of the door. So what happens is that they often stick in the car door instead of staying in the card of the door. This makes it hard to refit the card into the panel. So, the trick is to wrap some string around these clips a few times and then pull this string to help release the clips. Be careful because the string can break and the clips are still in place and this can hurt your fingers in the process. Help things along by also using a flat head screwdriver to help you lever out the clip the same time you are using the string.

Sometimes the tops will break on these clips, but as long as half of the tops remain you can still reuse them.

When you reseat them in the door panel use the reverse of the operation explained previously. A good thing to do is add some grease to the ends of all the clips this help them pop back into your door a lot easier.

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